Chemoinformatics Project Leader

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Job Description

Reporting to our CTO, you will work with the other Technology Team members to develop the tools, methodologies and processes for how GTN's technology is deployed for drug discovery projects. You will lead GTN’s efforts on collaborative projects established in partnership with biopharmas and research institutes, and support the business development process when GTN initiates new partnerships.


  1. PhD in chemoinformatics or similar discipline.
  2. Professional training as a working computational chemist in industry for a pharma, biotech or CRO.
  3. At least 5 years' industrial experience, not just in academia.
  4. Has carried out significant work on multiple Hit Finding or Hit-to-Lead efforts in drug discovery projects on a variety of drug targets, including being lead computational chemist on at least two different drug discovery efforts.
  5. Up-to-date on both the well-known as well as emerging chemoinformatics tools being deployed by pharmas, biotechs and CROs.
  6. Strong oral and written communication skills, able to convey your ideas and explain chemistry concepts clearly to non-chemists in a multidisciplinary team.
  7. Both strong attention to detail and the ability to see the wider picture—can focus your efforts on where it is most needed.
  8. Excited and motivated by challenging and multifaceted problems. Flexible and fast learner, happy to apply yourself to different areas of the company as and when needed.

Join us on our mission to transform science through interdisciplinary innovation, push the boundaries to make a leap in drug discovery and save millions of people’s lives.

We offer a competitive salary and share in the value that you create through stock options. Compensation package dependent on demonstrated capabilities and experience.


Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Drug Discovery, Drug Development



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