Generative Tensorial Networks

A Quantum Leap in Drug Discovery

The Problem

Bringing a single new drug to the market costs $2.9bn and takes 15 years, with a high chance of failure and often delivering an intervention that barely differs from those already in the market. Projections into the future are not promising, with an expected 50% drop in R&D output every nine years.


The Solution

GTN is a multidisciplinary, innovation-driven company, we are searching the astronomically large space of drug-like molecules with our unique patented technology, Generative Tensorial Networks. Our software combines and builds upon techniques from machine learning and quantum physics to simulate, filter and search for molecules, discovering molecules entirely hidden from view.


The Future

We have already demonstrated state-of-the-art prediction of molecular characterisation. This is a critical step in the hunt for new drugs outside of the crowded space being mined by more traditional methods. We are currently running collaborations with global pharmaceutical companies, with a number of the ten largest pharmaceutical companies in our pipeline, and have strong partnerships with world-leading research bodies including the Francis Crick Institute.


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